Delivered, Part II

Before ultimately beginning with the experiments , I again scanned through the book one more time and looked through the parts lists, almost sure I forgot something to order.

So I discovered that I would need some temperature sensors (LM335) and 3.3V voltage regulators (I took 2 LM 2937 ET3,3 and 2 LF 33 CV instead of LD1117V33). I will explain later, why I took two different regulators. I'm also not sure if the 500 mA they deliver will be sufficient. Anyway I have to substitute the 110V Power Switch Tails (parts list printed edition page 173), because in germany we have 220 volts. I have an idea for a workaround, but more on that later.

LM 335, LM 2937, LF 33 CV, headers and resistors
I also ordered some male and female headers and some resistors which I didn't find in my inventory.
I really like the german online-distributor Reichelt, where you can get almost everything you need if it's about electronic parts. They are almost always a bargain. But this time - and it was the first time ever I had an issue with them - they delivered a parcel weighing 1305 grams but the electronic parts are only 34 grams. Not very eco-friendly - maybe that's their standard package for the smallest deliveries they have.
Xbee explorer, breakout boards, Arduino Uno, breadboard

I planned to etch some pcb's later on as mentioned before. But for the time being I switched back to buy assembled parts. That saves time (I'm already quite impatient to wait any longer to start). So I ordered some required parts at Tinkersoup (thanks to Anton for replying my mail so fast) - there I also got the badly needed xbee breakout boards! That was the fourth order for this project and it went as smooth as all the others. Great service.
And: Thank you Internet!

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