Electronic compass

Just a note to a little project I'm building at the moment - an electronic/ digital compass:

There is no XBee involved - but a Nokia5110 lcd display, an Arduino Nano, a 2-axis compass module (HDMM01) and a HCF4050 for level-shifting. Of course you could add a XBee if you are using the compass for a robot or other mobile project.

And yes - the Halloween project is still to be posted. Just give me some more time.


  1. Hi Marcus

    I need your help with this compass project, how can I contact you?


  2. Hi Chris,

    you can contact me by email: m.ulsass(at)gmail.com


  3. Nice one! Thanks a lot for the hint with calling ResetSetCoil every time. This makes it much more stable (at leas indoor).


  4. I was wondering where you get your parts . In particular the battery and compass modules used in your compass video ? I did not find a contact so hope OK to post here
    It does not let me post as me without a URL and i don't have a URL that I want to scatter around so I have to take this option Ty Tower I see one above now