ESP8266 breadboard adapter board

This is an old design of the breadboard adapter. Please look at this blog post for the recent design.

I designed a single-sided ESP-12/ ESP-07 breadboard adapter PCB which will be easy to etch and solder for anyone who loves to play with the ESP8266 on a breadboard like me.

Eagle files are in my github repo

Features are:

* Fits ESP-12 and ESP-07 module
* Single-sided self-etchable design
* Few, cheap parts in SMD
* Breadboard-style - one row on each side accessible
* Vin >4.5V (max. 7V) input possible with 3V3 onboard voltage regulator (with two capacitors 10µF)
* Power-indicator LED
* (Schottky-) Diode as reverse polarity input protection possible (solder 0 Ohm resistor or just connect the two pads for no protection)
* RST, CH_PD, GPIO0 with 4k7 pull-up resistors on board (resistors can be omitted if remote access of those GPIOs is needed)
* GPIO15 with 4k7 pull-down (see above)
* Tactile switch connected to GPIO0 to get into flash mode
* Single post for 3.3V output near voltage regulator

Parts needed:

  • 1x Voltage Regulator (e.g, AMS1117-3.3V, 800mA)
  • 2x 10µF SMD ceramic capacitors
  • 4x 4.7k SMD Ohm resistors
  • 1x 330 SMD Ohm resistor
  • 1x SMD-LED (1006)
  • 1x 4*4mm SMD tactile switch
  •  2x 1*8 pin header (pitch 2.54mm)
  • optional: 1x Schottky-diode SMD
This is the actual revision 1.0 - improved for:

* Antenna part now protruding the PCB (no traces below antenna)
* Wider traces
* Schottky diode for reverse polarity protection
* 2x 10µF ceramic caps for input/ output of AMS1117
* Single post for 3.3V Output near voltage regulator


  1. Where can we download the eagle files for this board? I found your posts on multiple sites but nowhere to download it!

  2. Good job!
    Same for me. Could you provide us a link where we can download the eagle files?

  3. Good job!
    Same for me. Could you provide us a link where we can download the eagle files?

  4. I was wondering where you get your parts . In particular the battery and compass modules used in your compass video ? I did not find a contact so hope OK to post here
    It does not let me post as me without a URL and i don't have a URL that I want to scatter around so I have to take this option Ty Tower

  5. Hi!
    Looks really good, but why not share your work with us?

  6. you should upload the file to oshpark and share a link for people to make one :)

    found a few there but mostly untested

  7. Eagle files are in my github repo: https://github.com/markbeee/ESP8266_Breakout_Board

    1. Do you still have the files for the smaller one without USB? it is too big for my project so i would rather use the board described in this article.