Update: ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter Board

I designed a single-sided ESP-12/ ESP-07 breadboard adapter PCB which will be easy to etch and solder for anyone who loves to play with the ESP8266 on a breadboard like me. 

There are different designs of the breadboard adapter:
There is also a nice 3D-printed socket from Moritz in his github account to easily program (lots) of ESPs without the need to solder them at all.

Features are:

  • Fits ESP-12 and ESP-07 module
  • Single-sided self-etchable design
  • Few, cheap parts in SMD
  • Breadboard-style - one row on each side accessible
  • Vin >4.8V (max. 12V) input possible with 3V3 onboard voltage regulator (with two capacitors 10µF)
  • RST, CH_PD, GPIO0 with 4k7 pull-up resistors on board (resistors can be omitted if remote access of those GPIOs is needed)
  • GPIO15 with 4k7 pull-down (see above)
  • Tactile switch connected to GPIO0 to get into flash mode
  • Reset switch
  • Solder bridges for DTR, RTS lines to enable automatic flashing without having to press buttons

Parts needed:

  • ESP8266-12/ -07 module
  • 1x Voltage Regulator (e.g, AMS1117-3.3V, 800mA)
  • 2x 10µF SMD ceramic capacitors
  • 4x 4.7k SMD Ohm resistors
  • 2 1k SMD Ohm resistor
  • 2x 4*4mm SMD tactile switch
  •  2x 1*8 pin header (pitch 2.54mm)
  • 12MHz crystal
  • 2x 22pF capacitors
  • Micro USB connector
  • 100nF capacitor
  • CH340G USB to serial IC
Remember to put three jumper wires on the bottom side as this is only single sided. See Eagle files for connections.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the design! I've made ESP-12F (22 pin version) breakout board using your schematic. However there is one mistake here, the crystal capacitors should be 22 pF, not 22 nF

  2. Thanks for the info! I corrected the values in my post. They are right in the github files though. Would you like to share your design?

    1. I can share my design, but it's very crude as I needed it fast, and it's two-sided. Would you like CH340G or CH340T version?

  3. I would be interested in both. Do you have a github account where you want to share it? Else I could - if you want me to - file in under my ESP8266 Adapter github and so have another version available for people who are interested.

    1. I've uploaded it to my github. Take a look here: https://github.com/mlisak/ESP-12-F-Breakout-Board

  4. Awesome! I'll put a link in my post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Markus great pcb. I see your simple one sided desing on some sites but cant find the files from the original one http://www.tradewire.de/PCB_RAW.jpg can you uploar if no already done? tnks

  6. That's a very early version of the pcb design. I'm not even sure I still have it and if it works at all.